Life's Purpose 

From Stress To Inner Peace

5 classes, 2 - hrs. ea.


“Spirituality with a touch of Zen”. Focuses on why we humans are here…the nonsectarian reason for our existence. It introduces my “Six-Step Path” and how following this path eliminates stress and replaces it with inner peace. Your life becomes your meditation and you become the best you you can be…from moment to moment. Your life’s purpose is revealed. Your class textbook is optional and our discussion is open and friendly. 

Included in this class is how to advance on the path to inner peace and enlightenment (finding your true self).Historical and contemporary teachings complement my "Six-Step Path". The teachings of Confucius, Siddartha, Alan Watts, Lawrence G. Bolt, Paul Reps, Jean Klein, Deepak Chopra, John Kabat-Zinn and others. 

Creativity. What is it? Is it only for a select few? If it's for all, how do I get it? Can I put myself in a creative state? How do I do this? What would I do with this creativity? Where do I apply it? What are the "right" activities for me? Have these "right" activities always been the same? What skills should I be practicing?

These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when it comes to creativity. In this class we will answer these questions and more. Throught our exploration of quotes on creativity from some of the world's great minds, we will learn what it takes to be creative. We will also delve deep within ourselves to uncover our own creativity and encourage it to emerge and blossom. 



DRAWING                                                           l   

5 classes, 2-hours each

Pencil drawing for beginner and intermediate. Learn Composition, Line Weight, Shading and Perspective. And, most to see. Inexpensive tools and techniques. This is drawing from life. Drawing is the basis for all visual arts.