A Brief Summation Of The Why Of It All

A Brief Summation of The Why Of It All



There is a force in the universe. It is formless and nameless. This force is all that ever was, is or ever will be. It is singular (like no other). It is eternal. It is creative. It is real. It is the non-physical presence in all of us. And, it wants to know itself. Further, it wants to evolve. It is creative. It wants to be all that it can be.   


It created the universe (uni–verse - one turned on itself). It created light. It created (linear) time. It created us. It is consciousness and we are its emissaries on the physical plane. It is the “mother-ship” and we are its deep-space probes. We send back a continuous stream of experiences. No matter how we behave, it loves us unconditionally.


We and all on the physical plane are subject to the law of change. It, our Source, is not. As I said, It is eternal. It is the only “thing?” in the universe that the more you give it away, the more you have. It is unconditional love. We not only work for it…We are it.


Think of a gigantic puzzle. This puzzle has seven billion pieces…one for each of us on earth. No one piece is bigger than any other and no one piece is more important than any other. Although we can identify ourselves as individual puzzle pieces, together we make up the (big) puzzle. We are it and it is us. It never forgets that we are parts of it, but we can, and do, temporarily, forget that we are part of it (the whole). We remember our origin at a time of our choosing.


We have five senses that put us in touch with this 3-dimensional, physical world of duality. Without our five senses, we would have no knowledge of this physical world. However, there are parts of us that are non-physical and are, therefore, undetectable by our five senses. These non-physical parts of us include, but are not limited to, consciousness, ideas, thoughts, feelings, creativity and love. These non-physical parts of us are detectable by our sixth sense; our intuition.


Through us and our activities and experiences on the physical plane, our non-physical presence; our Source, has experiences. These experiences help it to understand itself and to evolve. We are an integral part of this process. Without us, nothing gets experienced. Nothing gets transferred to our Source within. We and It are One.


It is our job and our destiny, to remember where we come from; our connection to and origin from, this presence and to live the life it wants to live through us. When we allow this life to happen, we get to live a life of peace, love and joy on a regular basis. The more we resist our destiny, the more suffering we encounter.