Spiritual surrender is essential, whether on a religious or non-religious path. This kind of surrender is a joyous submission…to something greater than yourself. It comes with a conscious connection to your source…within. You trade external, intellectual, egoistic control for internal spiritual control.

Acknowledging your connection to your "greater" self is a willing servitude. Humility, gratitude and compassion replace money, status and material success as life's main goals.

This new mindset transcends all beliefs and faiths with a deep knowing down to your bones. Desire and attachment fall by the wayside. Life as it presents itself, in the moment, becomes the preferred lifestyle. Stress and suffering disappear. All is calm and as it should be.

As your life becomes your (ongoing) meditation, your awareness of yourself and your surroundings grows. The school of hard knocks is open 24/7. For those open to it; learning abounds. To study and become aware of yourself is to, eventually, forget yourself. You lose your (smaller) self to find your (greater) self. To forget yourself is to become enlightened.

Energy, cosmic consciousness, universal force, It, God, source, The one, are some of the names we give to a ubiquitous force. This force is all there is…to be seen everywhere.