Part of the universe...

As stated by the law of conservation of mass, "matter can neither be created nor destroyed". We come from (cosmic) dust and to dust we shall return. We, being made up of these cosmic dust particles, are as old as the universe. We are old and we are sentient. And, being sentient, we are conscious and as consciousness, we are self-aware.

Self-awareness leads to questions – Who am I? Why am I here? Is the universe random? We are not accidents nor are we random creations of nature. We have purpose – Like true artists, we give form and meaning to the universe.

Take away our five senses and we would have no knowledge of the physical world of three dimensions. Without our consciousness, nothing is. Quantum mechanics supports this…With no one to observe, no physical event happens.

We are not just any minute part of a vast cosmos. Without us and our awareness, there is no cosmos. We don't live in it. It lives in us. The world is not so much as we find it but how we make it. We and the universe are mutually interdependent.

When we focus on something, we and it become (temporarily) real. When we focus on nothing (as in meditation), we are not and the world is not. The world begins and ends with us. While our left brain sees itself as an isolated "I", our right brain sees the (whole) universe and "seamlessly aligns with this observation."

In this 3-D physical world of duality there is no "out there". There is only us creating/observing. We are anything but static. We are like a swiftly-moving stream…in a constant state of flux, active…a process, not a thing.

As we think, so the world is. Our search for our selves is the cosmo's search for itself. We are "thinking, reasoning components of the universe." We are part of something greater than ourselves. We are one with the universe. We are it and it is us. All is One.